Adaptive High Performant Texture Utility(beta)

Simple but oh so useful.

Right click to save or copy image

Dimensions accurate at 100% zoom

Incredible Textures are possible from simple Grids

Use the spin buttons to increase or decrease by my carefully chosen values,
this will help make very precise lines and use hardware efficiently.
Alternatively, type in your own values.(Quality and speed may decrease)


With overlay turned off, you have a basic grid,
and square and fills will have no effect.
The overlay can be used to make such things as windows and their positioning.
And also serves as a way for future extensions to this utility.

An Interesting thing about grids

Depending how we project textures onto a 3d object governs whether we get straight lines or curves.
Projecting types of spherical, cubic, sinusoidal, reflection etc.
And scaling them governs whether we obtain fine detailed textures or large structural
type textures, suitable for building elements, beams, windows etc.
Rotating them gives us diagonals.

Grids can be used to model shapes.

We can use the grid in different channels to color (diffuse)
Or sculpt (displacement) Or cut (alpha channel) Or bas relief (bump) etc

Tip:- try to avoid using anti-alias before 3D render stage.

Because this app should produce nice sharp lines and edges, it makes it easy
to select and fill areas in your graphics / paint program. Turn off anti-alias
in that paint program if you can. This often results in sharper and quicker renders at the 3D stage where you do use anti-alias.

A few thumbnail examples from a practicaly infinite set of possibilities

scaled oblong tile alpha channel replicated material

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Use of this utility is free. Please use at your own discretion as browsers are forever changing

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